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With regard to the collection and processing of personal data, Swiss4Win complies with the provisions of the Swiss national data protection legislation (LPD) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It derogates within the limits permitted and/or imposed by the legislation on gambling and cash gaming houses to which Swiss4Win is subject.

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The details of the Swiss4Win Terms and Conditions are available at the following link

Swiss4Win processes data about your registration, identification and financial verification for anti-money laundering purposes (articles 3, 11 ORD-SFGB), in addition to the clarifications, communications and surveillance activities referred to in Articles 9, 12, 18 ORD-SFGB and the management of the relative documentation (art.21 ORD-SFGB)

It also processes your data to prevent ludopathy and excessive gambling, applying social measures plan (articles 76 - 82 LGD, articles 81 - 91 OGD)

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Swiss4Win will block access to your game account if:

  • there is a suspect that the User is a minor subject to a gaming ban, and exclusion from the game or a limitation of participation in the games;
  • there is a suspect that the User is violating existing legislation. This is mainly, but not exclusively, the case if there is the suspicion or certainty that the User uses the game platform or the Website in an improper way, tries to influence the correct running of the game, for example using bots or other malware, otherwise taking advantage of a game error, influencing or colluding with other players and/or other Users with the aim of influencing the game in any other way;
  • if there is a suspicion that the User violates these T&C and other Website regulations;
  • during the clarification procedures that Swiss4Win undertakes in compliance with the legal obligations imposed by current legislation.

When deemed appropriate and/or imposed by current legislation, Swiss4Win will inform/file a complaint with the prosecution authorities and/or send a report to the Money Laundering Reporting Office. 

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Swiss4Win will never ask your password by e-mail: you only need this information to access our system. If you have any doubt on the authenticity of an e-mail, forward it to our Customer Service at [email protected]: our operators will verify it and they will tell you if it’s a legit e-mail sent by Swiss4Win.

If you suspect any personal data abuse or if you experience any suspect activity on your account or other irregularities, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service at [email protected].

You can find your rights about your personal data in the Privacy Policy

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